*drumroll please*

YES that's right, hosts Steve Discourse and Jay Calli are BACK with their long awaited, anticipated, highly demanded, triumphant return to podcasting! (now on Spotify!)

In this week's episode we discuss the most recent Trump social media scandal and the tragic and confusing fallout from the Amber Guyger murder verdict. We also explore the connection between rent prices and homelessness, and ask if it makes any sense AT ALL for Artificial Intelligence to be faking like humans in your comments section.

We also shamelessly beg... er... proudly request your financial support. We LOVE doing this podcast, and we LOVE the conversations it inspires with our listeners, but the podcast takes time and money. If you're feeling what we do and want to contribute hit us with a one-time payment on CashApp and Venmo @WTDpod or go to www.patreon.com/whatsthedeal to sign up as an ongoing supporter to make monthly payments. Anything helps, both financially AND as inspiration to keep pushing on this podcast journey! THANK YOU!

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