What’s the Deal???!!
We’re back people, after slaving in the studio for hours we’re giving y’all a DIAMOND of an episode this week! Don’t thank us. We do it for the people. This week we had to talk about it: JUSSIE. SMOLLET. *Insert deep sigh* Also, R. Kelly. We finally got his ass on charges! Go millennials! Later we touch on how white supremacy is alive and well with a Coast Guard lieutenant planning a massacre against a lot of public figures! Voter fraud is on and popping in North Carolina (this state can’t take any more L’s). Later in the episode we talk about a lot of education related stories. A 6th grade student arrested over the Pledge of Allegiance, and some educators are out here saving lives while others are literally starving kids because they can’t read. It’s crazy out here. Tune in and please, tell us what you think! #whatsthedealpod
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