LOTS going on in this episode! Be sure to subscribe and definitely follow us @SteveDiscourse and @itsJayCalli *warning explicit language this episode*

We got Whoppergate at the White House--Cardi B serving political asswhoopin--A big scoop in the Russia investigation... or maybe not--Sentencing for Jason Van Dyke--DOJ taking land for the border --and DC Mayor Bowser with a controversial veto in the city!

This episode we also kick off our series of conversations on the education system in the United States.

We start with a conversation with Anthony Tilghman the Executive Director of Make Smart Cool, a nonprofit doing youth outreach, tutoring, mentoring, book clubs and so much more!

Find out more and plug in at the website MakeSmart.Cool and across all social media  and hashtags makesmartcool!

That's the Deal!!!

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